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10 Aug, 2018

Florida Leaders in the New Economy

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While last generation or two-generation old mindsets currently lead nationally to bring back coal, some leaders in Florida are committed to the global change toward sustainable practices. The latest news appears in Largo, Florida, where “the Largo City Commission voted to approve an organizational commitment to achieve 100 percent renewable, zero-emission energy by 2035. Largo will explore ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiencies through technology, building upgrades and retrofits.” [...]

10 Aug, 2018

Solar Construction Starts in Florida

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Florida Power & Light Co., has started construction of four new solar power plants. See the report on Florida Construction News. Contact the construction law attorney Robert S. Tanner today to discuss your legal representation concerning construction contracts, payment issues, contractor or subcontractor nonperformance, liens and bonds, deficient or defective construction, and insurance issues. Contact Now

14 Sep, 2017

Impacts of Hurricane Irma on South Florida’s Construction Industry

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Likely impacts that Hurricane Irma will have on South Florida’s construction industry include: Strain on availability of construction materials, resulting in increased construction costs. (Does your contract have an escalation clause?) Additional strain on availability of qualified labor Delays in contractor availability to perform work, as contractors (especially roofing contractors) dry-in as many buildings as possible with follow-on repair and installation work being performed as resources become available Increased presence of [...]

30 May, 2017

2017 Legislative Session – Statute of Repose

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2017 Legislative Session - Enrolled Amendment to Statute of Repose for Construction Cases In Florida, the time for bringing a lawsuit for construction defects that are latent is “10 years after the date of actual possession by the owner, the date of the issuance of a certificate of occupancy, the date of abandonment of construction if not completed, or the date of completion or termination of the contract between the professional [...]

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